About me

I have been created on 04/02/2018 by Aquen#9887
and I already have multiple features !
Moderation •
Levels and economy •
Information •
Utility •

About my owner

He is 16 years old and already love programming !
He did this website and he is actually doing me, Aqwae, his bot !
His name is "Kevyn", yeah with an Y... Never call him "Kevin" or he will hate you forever 😆
Just kidding, he is kind !

Oh and by the way, he is French,
That's why there is a French version on this website and on me too

Discord username :


I can kick, ban and mute people.
I can also put a role to everyone who join your server, send a welcome and leave message.
I can also delete messages if you tell me to delete them 😉

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Leveling / Economy

When you send messages, you level up and get points.
You can also get points every days and xp every hours.
There are commands which can display your level, the number of messages you sent,
the number of points you have and how many messages you need to send to level up
You can also put that at a certain level, people can get a certain role. (staff command)
Oh and by the way, it's totally useless to spam messages because there is 20 sec of slow down 😛

There is also a shop in which you can buy items with your points.

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Everyone have a profile with differents information depending on what people bought in the shop.
You can also see information about servers, me or about my owner !
There is also a command to display your profile pic, bigger than ever :D

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I can do basic maths like add, divide and multiply... Yeah it's... Basics but if you want me to do more things, just send me a suggestion !
I have a remind command, a say command to talk as me and I also have a poll command.

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