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(only work if you have some staff roles)

Name Usages Description
sup +sup "n" Delete "n" message
mute +mute @mention mute @mention, simple enough
unmute +unmute @mention unmute @mention, simple enough
kick +kick @mention kick @mention, simple enough
welcomeChannel +welcomechannel #channel set the channel of the welcome message
to #channel
Alias : wc
welcomeRole +welcomerole @role when someone join, this person will recieve
the role @role
Alias : wr

Levels / economy

Name Description Usages Alias
level +level || +level @mention display your level l
message +message || +message @mention display the number of message you sent m
point +point || +point @mention display the number of point you have p
nextlevel +nextlevel It shows how many messages you need to send
to level up
tolevel +tolevel "n" It shows how many messages you need to send
to be level "n"
shop +shop display the shop and shows items you bought / havent bouht shop
hourly +hourly give you some xp every hours h
daily +daily give you some points every days d
roleReward +roleReward "n" @role set the role reward @role for the level "n" rr
roleRewardList +roleRewardList shows the list of role rewards rrl
roleRewardDelete +roleRewardDelete "n" delete the role reward of the level "n" rrd


Name Description Usages Alias
info +info || +info @mention show information about you, work with @mention i
botinfo +botinfo show information about the bot bi
serverinfo +serverinfo shows information about the server si
ownerinfo +ownerinfo show information about Aquen, the owner of Aqwae oi
profilepic +profilepic || +profilepic @mention display your profile picture pp
invit +invit send the invitation for the Aqwae server testing invit
suggestion +suggestion "message" put your "message" in the suggestion list su
vote +vote send the link to vote vote
site +site Send the link of the website web


Name Description Usages Alias
roll +roll || +roll "n" It roll a number between 0 and 100 or between 0 and "n" r
remind +remind "time in sec" "message"
+remind "time" sec "message"
+remind "time" min "message"
It remind your "message" after the time you set rem
say +say "message" say your message as the bot say
ping +ping Pong ! It also shows the latency of the bot ping
yesno +yesno "message" do a poll with 2 possibilities : yes or no yn
add +add n1 n2 do : n1 + n2 add
mutliply +multiply n1 n2 do : n1 x n2 multiply
divide +divide n1 n2 do : n1 ÷ n2 divide
color +color set R G B

+color random
- Set the red value to R, green value to G and blue value to B.
Thoose values will define the color of messages sent by the bot.
- Set a random color
- Show your actual color


Name Description Price
Optimised say command Instead of saying your name when you use the +say, it just put your message,
No one will be able to know who sent the message.
14 points
Say ++ The message you send with the +say command are better. 12 points
Intelligent add command Without this item : 1 + 1 = 11.
With this item : 1 + 1 = 2, that's all.
11 points
Roll command It allows you to use the +roll command, seems logic x) 8 points
Xp bar It shows a beautiful xp bar when you use +nextLevel or +tolevel.
When you will buy it, you will not be able to live without !
16 points
Coffee please You recieve a coffee when you say "Hello" or "Coffee please" 7 points
MOM GET THE CAMERA It shows "mum's cameraman" in your profile :P 21 points
I'm poor bro Show that you're poor in your profile 1 points
I'm rich bro Show that you're rich in your profile $$ 99 points
The answer to the life It shows that you know the life answer 42 points
Color Allow you to change the color of messages sent by the bot 18 points
Soon This item will appear soon 9999 points